Beat it. Deep House to Techno

Αθήνα Ιπποκράτους και Λάμπρου Κατσώνη, Αθήνα 114 71, Ελλάδα Skull Bar

Beat it.

02 Οκτ. 2011
2849 Day(s) Ago

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Deep house to techno

Antonis colovos

Born in greece in 1980, Antonis Colovos has been a clubber since the mid 90s and started playing dwelling first thru electro & house music and eventually finding techno music inside him in the early 00s
Didn't take him long to turn him self from a clubber into a dj when he realised what he was doing for fun at house parties had a really good influence on the crowd . He began to run for a couple of days per month one of the first electro bars in Athens, inoteka , in between other names and playing as a guest at many parties in the greek electronic scene and bars such as , boarding pass, bios athens , skull bar athens and yoga bala among others.
By turning year to year his house into a studio Antonis has started to realise that djing - his hobby - has turned into a second job and his daily schedule had no more free time to spend in other interests except music .
Taking advantage of that he has started to become more active on playing music , promote himself and also get involved with music production with a few of his work ready to be released ..
During the week he is nailed on his studio chair working under his stuff messing up with everything and get to know about whats new.
His sound has many different angles - It’s sexy , sometimes it’s grotesque but mostly is bouncy & dark, really reflects his personality.
Techno is what he mostly loves to play and produce and thats what he is well know of doing really good and creative.,

Entrance 7 euros (drink included)

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Το Skull Bar είναι ένα σκοτεινό υπόγειο που από alternative club μετατράπηκε σε χώρο που παίζει house/techno/ progressive σκηνή. Το Skull Bar είναι ανοιχτό μόνο Παρασκευή και Σάββατο και είναι περισσότερο mini club παρά bar, μιας και ο κόσμος χορεύει.

Τηλ. 6936 457453