Θεσσαλονίκη Ορβήλου 2, Θεσσαλονίκη 546 25, Ελλάδα Volt Club

Η Μοvement Recordings & το Volt Club συνεχίζουν τα hot parties με τους κορυφαίους DJs του πλανήτη και τους μεγαλύτερους καλλιτέχνες της Ηλεκτρονικής Dance σκηνής στα decks του ανανεωμένου Volt!

Την Παρασκευή 9 Δεκεμβρίου, η Movement Recordings & το Volt Club υποδέχονται ακόμα έναν ΘΡΥΛΟ της Trance/Progressive σκηνής .

09 Δεκ. 2011
2779 Day(s) Ago
. Ladies & Gents .. υποδεχθείτε τον ATMOS (Spiral Trax) από την Σουηδία!

Ένας εκ των βασικότερων εκπροσώπων του Progressive κινήματος στην σκηνή της Trance, επιστρέφει στα decks του Volt για άλλη μία χρονιά με τους πιο fresh progressive / techno / trance ρυθμούς & beats, παρουσιάζοντας νέες του δισκογραφικές δουλειές σε labels όπως η Iboga Records και άλλα!

Mαζί του, ο GIO RED (Dezign Music/Bluetune Records), o AEO LUS (Molis Xipnisa) και o FLIPTONE!


Παρευρεθείτε στο event της Παρασκευής με τον ATMOS και λάβετε με την είσοδό σας στο Volt Club 1 FREE PASS για το event του Σαββάτου με τον Robert Babicz!

Volt Club & Movement Recordings proudly present..

special guest .. //

:: ATMOS :: Spiral Trax / Iboga / SWE

supported by .. //

:: GIO RED :: Dezign Music / Bluetune Records


:: AEO LUS :: Molis Xipnisa

DOORS OPEN @ 00:00

10 EUR (incl. DRINK) before 01:30am
15 EUR (incl. DRINK) after 01:30am

ATMOS :: Spiral Trax / Iboga / SWE

It all started in the early seventies when a young boy saw television for the first time. Instantaneously fascinated by different soundtracks and jingles, a deep interest for music was born. After a short bedroom dj career, Tomasz decided to produce his own music and thanks to a natural talent, he released his first single in 1996 on Pablo Gargano’s label, EVE records. It sold very well and gave him both zest and confidence to strive for more.

His influences from electronic and ambient-rock music like JM Jarre and Pink Floyd quickly formed a style that was to make him one of the most successful producers in hypnotic and atmospheric trance. Under this trademark, Atmos had released 4 albums, loads of singles and has countless appearances on compilations but more important - his music has been embraced, played and loved by such a broad spectra of people, ranging from the top 10 djs to aspiring bedroom djs all over the world.

Tomasz has also been touring all parts of the world, to every possible kind of event, for well over 15 years now and with great success. His sense for merging rhythm programming with delicate strings into a well-produced groovy sound is guaranteed to make everyone get down to the dance floor and that has made him an installment to count on in events all over the place.

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