Analysis Techno Movement

Αθήνα Ιπποκράτους και Λάμπρου Κατσώνη, Αθήνα 114 71, Ελλάδα Skull Bar

Welcome to the 1st event of Analysis Techno Movement.

24 Νοε. 2012
2461 Day(s) Ago

Our purpose is to represent the original techno sounds that moved millions of people over the last 20 years. Techno is not mainstream but it was always an underground genre of electronic music. Its origins Detroit and Berlin are the meccas of its primitive sound. Every Analysis event will present various djs from Greece and abroad that were always dedicated to the techno rhythm and play vinyl.
Get ready for some serious beats..!
Get ready for some proper electronic music..!

''At rock concerts, people scream when they hear something they know and have heard before. With techno, people scream when they hear something they’ve never heard before.'' (Jeff Mills)

''Stravinsky and Stockhausen spent their life trying to make a musical revolution. Techno made this revolution just under a deacade.'' (Jeff Mills)

''The best music, is the music that will pass the test of time.''
(Nicolas Jaar)

"I think all trance djs deep down are embarrassed by what they play. They take it on the chin! They know deep down that they’re playing watered-down techno.” (Dave Clarke)

''Great electronic music for me is where it gives you space to find your own place within the mechanics.'' (Richie Hawtin)

Rebus (Gr)
Rebus was the mind behind the first dj team (Starbase 23) in Chania back in 1997 that introduced techno, electro and drum n bass there. By the year 2002 he moved to Athens and started being a resident dj at the most upfronts bars as Inoteka and Wunderbar spinning his explosive electro beats and breaks... He also started a weekly residency at the Cafeina bar playing tech house and presenting the 'Kompakt' and other german labels from 2003 till 2005... Rebus has played in several spots in Athens incuding K44, Hoxton, Aspro, Inoteka, Cafeina, Wunderbar, PLastik, Open, Bios, Second Skin, Skull, etc... After that he has spinned with various djs and producers like George Apergis, Spiros Kaloumenous, Lostra & KAtou. He has also been member of 'Metrics' with VieL. Last year he was resident of the very successful 'Techno Crusades' events.

Dmoz (Underground Experience)
Dmoz with more than 20 years in dance scene is one of the residents djs and member of Underground Experience events. His sound depends from Detroit techno & house to percussive groovy hard Techno and more...He is also one of the djs that still play with vinyl bringing in his sets a unique sound.

Kriss.Alex (Gr)
Christopher Alexiou, aka kriss.alex grew up in Athens, Greece.
kriss.alex has always been fascinated by the dark paths of music. His passion for vinyls commenced at the age of 14. He started experimenting in mixing Breakbeat in 1992 when his first performance at the carpet factory of Byron, Athens took place. At that time he collaborated with Mushroom team at several parties at clubs such as Avant Garde and Wild Rose.
All that was up until the time techno came into his life, in 1995. Since then he has developed a strong addiction to this music and has been performing it up till now. He has partnered with radio stations like Area313 (Detroit) and Cannibal Radio (Athens). Perhaps you 've come across him throwing technobombs in clubs like Mad, Astron, Μωβ or in private warehouse parties someplace in Piraeus. At present he collaborates with Generators team.

Tman (Underground Experience)


Location of the Skull Bar event

Venue Information - Skull Bar

Το Skull Bar είναι ένα σκοτεινό υπόγειο που από alternative club μετατράπηκε σε χώρο που παίζει house/techno/ progressive σκηνή. Το Skull Bar είναι ανοιχτό μόνο Παρασκευή και Σάββατο και είναι περισσότερο mini club παρά bar, μιας και ο κόσμος χορεύει.

Τηλ. 6936 457453