6 Years Of Second Skin

Αθήνα Δαμοκλεους 8, Αθήνα 118 54, Ελλάδα Second Skin Club


05 Οκτ. 2014
1747 Day(s) Ago
bass. dance. sweat. afterparties. sex. excess. close. touch. laugh. cry. scream. revenge. bruises. birdcage. red. real. truth. fire. fiery. sore throat.

friends. hypocrites. cunts. betrayals. mistakes. disappear here. power. energy. destruction. demolition. blood. hope. devotion. consistency. 6 Years Of Second Skin


Main Floor: George Fakinos, John Mantonanakis, MOD, Rammlied, Geo Kar, Paul Philippou, Fanis S, Anthony David, George X Tyrrant

Red Room: Dr D + Hakos Pervanidis

Free entry


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