Κύτταρο Live

Ηπείρου 48, Αθήνα 104 39, Ελλάδα

Welcome & Farewell Show

Welcome & Farewell Show

30 Μαρ 2014 18:30

Κύτταρο Live

This is WELCOME & FAREWELL. This is when two bands will celebrate both on-stage and off-stage with all of you for the very last time and the first time that two new & upcoming bands will step up and show you what they've got to offer.

Line up:

Odysseus Never Came Back is playing together for the very last time in their two-and-a-half year old presence as a band, and they are bringing yet another explosive "final act" this time as headliners on this event marking the end of an era for the band.

We As Maker, making their very first live performance as a group after their debut single release "Reality Wall". With band members that are not "newbies" to the underground music scene, they are promising to deliver one hell of a first show.

The Most Common Disorder, after three whole years of being an active part of the underground music scene they are "calling it a day" as a band and they have prepared a crazy final performance with their motto for that gig being "Party! Party! Party!

Buried Before I Die, always there in event such as this one to show their support and to deliver an intense performance that combines both on-stage presence and crazy guitar "riffage" for every taste.

The name Cassandra might sound unfamiliar to you. My Colors Dying rings a bell? Line-up changes, new upcoming soon-to-be-released track but same "heaviness" and more experience brings back the memories and this band making a fresh start for the first time live after almost 2 years.

CurseAsGift is the youngest bunch of the group yet they are definitely not lacking in experience and talent and they will be there to show their support.