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Shut Up! Twist Again w/ The Dismissers & Dead Dranks

Shut Up! Twist Again w/ The Dismissers & Dead Dranks

20 Οκτ 2015 22:00

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SUTU is a punk rock band from France. They started on 2013, released their first album "We laugh at danger", played shows everywhere in Europe as often as they could and managed around 150 gigs in France, Spain, Germany, Bulgaria, Russia, Ukraine, Poland etc... They are inspired by bands like Against me!, Anti-Flag and The Decline (their singer was featured in the last album). They have played shows and tourned with a lot of french bands (Guerilla Poubelle, The traders, The decline, Burning Lady, Justin(e), Nina'school.) and foreign bands like The Kendolls (Sweden,), The Vibrators (U.K),Deecracks (Austria), Brixton Robbers (Canada), The Detectors (Germany)...


Οι Dismissers ξεκίνησαν την πορεία τους το Σεπτέμβρη του 2012. Ο ήχος τους είναι punk rock με ότι μπορεί να περικλείει ο όρος, που είναι και η κύρια επιρροή των μελών της μπάντας. Οι Dismissers είναι οι: Νίκος Τσουλούφης (φωνή, κιθάρα). Με πλούσιο βιογραφικό στην ιστορία της Ελληνικής rock'n'roll σκηνής, ξεκίνησε από τους Αδιέξοδο σαν μπασίστας, ενώ αργότερα βρέθηκε τραγουδιστής στους Deus Ex Machina και Bad Luck Souls. Αυτή την εποχή είναι μπασίστας των ANFO Δημήτρης Βάσσης (κιθάρα). Έχει υπάρξει μέλος σε punk rock μπάντες όπως οι Shackle Me Not, Healthy Drain, 3 Chord Sinners. Ίων Νικολάου (lead guitar)Συνεργασία με μπάντες της Ελληνικής Rock'n'Roll σκηνής όπως τους Outsiders (μπάσσο), Dustbowl (κιθάρα), The duo jet band (μπάσσο), Γιώργος Καρβουνίδης (μπάσο). Στο παρελθόν εχει παίξει με διάφορες metal/crossover/hardcore/punk μπάντες οπως οι Red Out, Άρνηση Eκτέλεσης Kαθήκοντος, Bad Luck Souls. Νίκος Βάσσης (τύμπανα). Έχει παίξει σε punk rock σχήματα όπως οι Shackle Me Not, 3 Chord Sinners και σε μπάντες που πειραματίστηκαν με ήχους funk και reggae/ska (Paranga Sound System).


The band was formed by two brothers (Soto Gem and Tony) and started playing as a trio in 2005. After some changes the band has ended up in the following line up:

Soto Gem: vocals, guitar
Tony: guitar, backing vocals

Polidoros: bass
Akis: drums

The band's sound was initially inspired by pure punk rock 'n' roll bands like the ramones and the stooges in combination with 60's garage punk, 80's revival and new wave. Several shows took place in different clubs of Athens like An club, After Dark, Underworld, Roi Mat, Rodeo, Nosotros, Tribe, etc. and several demos have been recorded till today. Also, the band opened for the punk rock legends BUZZCOCKS on May 7, 2011 at Kyttaro club. Now the band is looking for a label and of course for some ass to kick...See ya around...

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