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Mr Shankly, Clepto, Maro Liapi

Mr Shankly, Clepto, Maro Liapi

05 Σεπ 2012 21:30

Τώρα Κ44

Mr Shankly Reggae/Ska/Dub/ Birmingham UK

Mr Shankly are a reggae ska band from Birmingham, formed in late 2009. Mr Shankly is a movement! Members are Benjy Walsh, Richard Western, Tim Botfield, Ilias Lintzos and Peter Lewis! We sing songs of freedom, party songs and classics boom! The international Mr Shankly!


Punk Rock/Gypsy/Medditeranean Los Angeles California USA

Devoted to the band and each other, Clepto was formed in 2000 in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The four members of the band found themselves in the Middle last as their families moved there for employment. Fred and Phil, two brothers originally from Cyprus, with Armenian and Lebanese ethnic backgrounds, adopted Canada as their home in 2002. Canada is where both Alex and Nick were born and lived before leaving home for Saudi Arabia. Alex, a Portuguese-Canadian, Montreal born Punk Rocker and Nick, a Greek-Canadian, Winnipeg born Metalhead both lead the way with their lyrics covering everything from culture, global issues, religion, to personal conflicts and psychological reflections of themselves within society. Together, with a sing and a bounce from Phil and Fred's Mediterranean melodic bass and drums, they all complete Clepto.


Opening Act: Maro Liapi

Rock/Alternative Athens Greece