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Mindthreat, Black Path, Dark Matter, Sawu, Venetian Mask, Glance Of Medusa

Mindthreat, Black Path, Dark Matter, Sawu, Venetian Mask, Glance Of Medusa

15 Σεπ 2012 00:00

An Club

Το Σαββατο 15 Σεπτεμβρίου η Βuttefly 'n' Octopus Empire σας παρουσιαζει:


MindthreaT is a metal band from Athens, Greece which is consisted of 5 members, Anthony (vocals), John T. and Jim Kakes (guitars), Aleister (bass) and Alex Patilla (drums).The band was formed in 2011 when they released their first promo cd "Amidst Your Bloodlines" and the same year their first Official Video Clip "Not Your Fate" was produced. It was considered as "The Video Of The Month" in various webzines and has been available on YouTube since it was released. After several live shows, MindthreaT participated in Wacken Metal Battle Greece in which they proudly won. The band is currently recording their new EP and is looking forward to participating in Wacken Open Air Festival 2012.

Black Path []

Black Path is a Greek Death Metal band that was formed on summer '09. After going through a lot of sound and member changes, on 2011 we came to our final lineup. The fact that keeps this band is the originality of ideas that make the songs sound solid and unique, in their own way.

Dark Matter []

Dark Matter is an alternative metal/hard rock band from Athens,Greece.The band was formed by Efi Evaggelinou(Vocals),Dimitris Tsopanakis(Guitar) & Nik Papapanagiotou(Drums) in the summer of 2010. The final form of the band ,after a lot of changes, came one year later with Kwstas Pelelis(bass) & Nikos Letsios (Guitar). With a big number of concerts,they've worked with Atlantis Fm Radio and played with famous greek artists such as Magic de Spell,,Gianni Zouganeli,Karma,Steve Tesser and others. Their upcoming demos we''ll be released until this summer.Wait for us guys in a hostile universe hoping you won't be afraid of your dreams!

Isawu []

At The Begining The Band Was Called Strikanerve. Geo Vl and Dio came up with the name IsawU at the begining of February. So... IsawU is a Melodic Metalcore band from Athens that was formed by Dio & Darky in March 2011 A few days later Periklis,Argyris & Antwnis joined the band. Some Line-Up Changes were about to happen so Geo Vl (ex - Still Falling) joined the band at December 19. A few Days later the band agreed to continue with One Basic/rythm/lead Guitar. The music themes that our band has chosen is a big variety of all of our members ideas and characters.

Venetian Mask []


Glance Of Medusa []

Glance of medusa is a metalcore band from Athens. Founded in April of 2011 by Stauros(vox) and Greg(guitar) . After many changes their current line up is Greg, Elias, Slam, Stauros, Jo & Giannhs. Right now they are creating stuff for their first EP and they hope you enjoy their music.