Bullet Club (ex Bat City)

Λεωφόρος Αλεξάνδρας 11, Αθήνα 114 73, Ελλάδα



27 Δεκ 2013 20:30

Bullet Club (ex Bat City)

Starting up as a four-member band in December 2012, they began covering their favourite heavy sounds, ranging from classic heavy metal to poser metal and glam. On April 2013 their skills and ambitions are powered up by the addition of a second guitarist. their name? E.xXx.I.T....

Panagiotis Vervitas - Guitar

Ilias Giotitsas - Vocals

Mpampis Lampridis - Guitar/Vocals

Mike Papamichalopoulos - Drums/Vocals

Theodore Wrathchild - Bass Guitar


Damage 7 euro + Beer