Κύτταρο Live

Ηπείρου 48, Αθήνα 104 39, Ελλάδα

Drakonian Beauty

Drakonian Beauty

15 Μαρ 2015 00:00

Κύτταρο Live

A special Event Shall Take Place in the Centre of Athens. A festival that Praise the 90s Spirit of Black Metal with Some Choosen Participants that have the Attention for many People for Different Reasons Worldwide.

First Opening Act is Septuagint.Their Show is the First One in Athens as their Roots are from the North Town of Florina. They Just Released their First Ep "Negative Void Trinity by Forever Plague Records from Usa on CD and Razorbleed Productions on cassette.
Gaining Possitive Feedback is time to Reveal their Art in Athens after a great Gig they Had in Salonica some weeks before.

Next Act is Akrotheism. Their First Assault was a Split Ep with the Greek Legendary Band, Order of the Ebon Hand by III Damnation & Kill Yourself Productions on 7'' vinyl and Ewiges Eis Records on CD. A very Good Release Came after and was their Debut Album "Behold The Son Of Plagues" by Odium Records. A vinyl Version was Released by The III Damnation Productions together with Odium and on cassette format by Metal Defiance as well.
After a successful performance as Support to Necros Christos here in Athens shall be their First Performance for their Debut Album.

Third Band is Empire of the Moon. An Old Underground Act from 1996 with Members in their Ranks from Chaosbaphomet, Tatir, Wampyrinacht are Back with a debut album called "Πανσεληνος" By Acherontas Promotions in Digipack Cd. A self Release Version that shall Honor the Underground Art, next Month as Vinyl Format by Floga Records and III Damnations Productions. 90s Hellenic Spirit in the Veins of the Old masters of Scene .Their First Release was a Demo Release in 1997 called "For the Ancient Light of Sinn"Quite different approach with a dark Ritualistic atmosphere in Ambient Forms. For sure a very Interesting Participation for first Time on Stage.

Co-Headliners of the Event Ofermod.
No Need i think to Introduce you the Swedish Tyrants of the Old Era.Of the First Bands that Offered Life to the Term of Orthodox Black Metal..Roots of them Can Be Found Also at the Great Nefandus as well and to the Martial Act called Leidungr with Members of Arditi/Puissance as well.Their Last Album Release Thaumiel was a Great Suprise in The Occult Scene Proving that The Flame Still Burns Inside to Those who Lived in 90s.End of this Year a Ep Release By Ajna Records Shall Be Out Named"Serpent's Dance" .Expect One Hour of Ceremonial magick with Material from their First Release till the Last One..The Portals shall Open for the next Ceremonial Act that shall Coronate the Whole Manifestation.

Acherontas Shall Headline this Feast of The Black Flame after many Special Gigs the last Years around the World and High Quality Releases and Cooperations, attracting many people Worldwide with the quality of their music and their unique live shows they offer. They Will Represent Us the Upcoming 7th Album "Ma-Ion (Formulas Of Reptilian Unification) having many Special Guests Honored their Coven as they have announced Before of Abigor/Ofermod/Malign/Nightbringer/Goatvomit/Tatir etc. This shall be the First and last Appearance of the new album at the Greek Fields. After Their First Show as Premiere of the New Album One week Before in London are Here to Perform 80 Mins Material from their Old Stuff till the last one before they start the already Booked shows in Europe and Usa for the Promotion of the new Album. As they Asked to mention Here, this show shall Replace the Last Concert they had for Amenti Release Due to Venue Sound Problems with a unique Ceremony.

What you expect Ladies and Gentlemen More..?
Support the Underground Black metal Art and Hellenic Scene by Action and NOT fake like support here in Facebook.
"Feast with Them in this Litany of Evilness and Majesty"


DOORS: 19.00 / TICKET: 16€  PRESALE – 19€ ON SPOT