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Dodge & Fuski, xKore, D-Jahsta, Cubism, Equal One aka Postriper & Andrew, Yaz

Dodge & Fuski, xKore, D-Jahsta, Cubism, Equal One aka Postriper & Andrew, Yaz

27 Ιαν 2012 00:00

Seven Sins Club

Dodge & Fuski

If you haven’t heard of Dodge & Fuski yet, you soon will as these guys are on the button. Since the beginning of 2011 the dubstep and drumstep duo racked up over 1.5 million views on Youtube and have been championed by Radio 1, 1 Xtra and the world’s leading YouTube dubstep channel UKF.
Describing themselves as self-confessed “Westcountry layabouts who drink too much tea” the Bristol duo are anything but. Following a string of successful releases on New State, Sludge, Rat Records, PLAY ME Records, and Section 8 they signed to the fresh and exciting label ‘Never Say Die Records’ home to artists such as Foreign Beggars, Freestylers, 501, SKisM, Zomboy and more. After the release of their debut EP ‘Come Again’ they have seen their DJ bookings triple over night and are playing regularly around UK and Europe with an Australian and New Zealand tour in October and a US tour planned for early 2012.
Alongside standout tracks such as ‘Come Again’ and ‘Pornstep’, they have also made a name for themselves remixing the likes of DEVolution, Deekline, Wizard, Ed Solo, Blatta & Inesha and DJ Assault. Twisting up dubstep, electro and D&B flavours to create a fresh contemporary sound.
This is only the start and with their second EP out in September 5th they really are the ones to watch.


xKore is an 18 year old dubstep/drumstep producer based in Kent, in the South-East of the UK.
He first started out around 4 years ago producing house and progressive trance. However his style eventually evolved into what it is today, a blend of dubstep, drumstep, electro, drum and bass aswell as other styles of bass music.
House and trance acts such as Signalrunners, Spencer & Hill and Klaas were some of his early influences, and what got him into electronic dance music. Through experimentation and influence from popular bands such as Pendulum and Noisia, xKore developed a more bass orientated style.
Stylistically, xKore likes to have influences that are outside of EDM, such as Yoko Kanno and Harry Gregson-Williams. He views film and game soundtracks as a great source of inspiration.
His setup is mostly software based. He uses FL Studio 10 as a DAW and NI Massive, NI Kontakt and 3xOsc as his main tools of production.
xKore is being seen as an up and coming talent within the dubstep community, being supported by artists such as Skream, Benga, Borgore, Dodge and Fuski, Tomba and many others.
His music is available on all good online mp3 stores, being released via the labels Cognition and GAWA Recordings.


D-jahsta is a 22 year producer from Athens in Greece. In 2004, after hearing jungle dnb sounds, he started laying down his beats, shuffling his first breaks and creating his first basslines. After 5 years production in the ragga jungle scene with a trail of releases on his back, comes the year 2009,  when he meets for the first time DIZTA, they turn there hands to dubstep, together with the PonyLicks Team, bring the biggest dubstep events the Greek scene had ever encountered till then!
Today running the new Label MECHANOID AUDIO and havin a smash 1st release with DIZTA (DEMOLITION EP) and forthcomin releases from other labels, such as HYPE REGIMENT,CHRONOS,BETAMORPH
his tunes are gettin constant play by some of the biggest names in the Global scene such as EXCISION,RUSKO,ITCHY ROBOT, VASKI, INSPECTOR DUBPLATE, name a few.