Κύτταρο Live

Ηπείρου 48, Αθήνα 104 39, Ελλάδα

Alaska Relase Party

Alaska Relase Party

02 Νοε 2014 19:00

Κύτταρο Live

Pretty much self-explanatory. A couple of days late on the Halloween celebrations, but that doesn't mean the spirit is gone! Ever seen a Vampire mosh? Or a skeleton two step like no one's business? Well, now is the time. Each and everyone of you is more than welcome to come dressed in a costume of their choice. Obviously, that's not mandatory, but it is highly-recommended! Trust us on this one!

Witness Apathy

Five-piece Metalcore/Hardcore band from Athens. On this occasion, they'll be celebrating the release of their debut single 'Alaska' as well as the band's first birthday! Join them and become part of all the unexpected stuff waiting just around the corner of every Witness Apathy gig!

Deeds not Words

Five-piece Djent band from Athens. They recently released a single off their upcoming EP, called 'Pentect'. Their new line-up, combined with the change on their musical approach is the recipe for what is to be a more than fresh and much anticipated live performance!

Glance Of Medusa

Six-piece Metalcore band from Athens. After the release of their debut single 'Open Your Eyes' (which was very well received by the fans), line-up changes and other obligations led to a long period of silence for the band. But now, they're back and their louder than ever!


Five-piece Metalcore band from Athens. At the moment, they're recording their first tracks which are expected to be out, pretty soon! About their live perfomances, now. Uhum..these guys are insane! If you've ever attended any of their past gigs, then you definitely know that! Keep that in mind and be prepared!


Five-piece Metalcore band from Athens. A few months ago, they released their debut EP 'Dreaming But Dead', followed by their own very succesful release party! They've been around for years now and have performed some really extreme shows ever since!

Do As Promised

Five-piece female-fronted Rock band from Athens! They're considered to be one of the up and coming bands of the scene around here and now it's their time to prove it! They'll be starting up the party with their energetic on stage performance and they're bound to set things off more than great!